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Womancare Birth & Breastfeeding specializes in Northern Arizona home birth, including water birth and VBAC. We offer personalized pregnancy and newborn care, breastfeeding care, and continued wellness support and education.


As holistic providers we are facilitators of natural processes, and the gatekeepers of safety. Learn more about our home births and other supportive services below.


"I just had the best VBAC experience with Margie & Jennifer at Womancare Midwifery! Margie gave excellent advice throughout my whole pregnancy to ensure the best outcome for my delivery! I trusted her and she made me feel safe and loved during my birth yesterday. Jennifer even rubbed my feet a few hours postpartum, love her! I'm on cloud 9 & so glad that I chose her to provide my prenatal care & help with my birth. I love that she uses natural remedies throughout the whole process as well...these women have been such a blessing in my life! Highly recommend."

Julie G.


Complete Home Birth Package

Monitoring the physical, psychological, and social well-being of the mother throughout the childbearing cycle from pregnancy to the birth and beyond.


Postpartum & Newborn Care 

Helping new mothers navigate the postpartum period with lactation education and support to get a deeper, more effective latch & establish a good milk supply while providing newborn care and completing all newborn screenings.

Image by Clayton Webb

Well Woman Care

Well Woman Care offers services outside of pregnancy and birth including Pap smears, other desired labs, breast exams, and overall physical well-being.


Ready, mama?

We're here to help every step of the way.

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