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Postpartum & Newborn Care


The postpartum period in some ways is as life changing as pregnancy itself! In this current society mothers are all but forgotten during this stage as they are discharged from hospital with a “congratulations and good luck” and “See you at your six week postpartum appointment”.  At Womancare we don’t believe in luck, we believe in support! We take pride in our excellent postpartum follow up schedule of 1 and 3 day home visits, and 1, 2, 4, and 6 week office appointments.


We will never leave you to navigate the sometimes difficult days of your postpartum period. We will be there to check on your physical recovery, the all encompassing task of breastfeeding and newborn care, and ask about how you are feeling emotionally as you navigate what many call “The Fourth Trimester."  Having a new baby brings big changes no matter whether you are a first time mother or the mother of many children. Regardless of whether you birth with us, in the hospital, or with another midwife, we're here to support you through your postpartum and newborn care stage through lactation support, newborn screenings, and well woman care. We're a friendly practice where you can truly take the time you need to ask questions and practice getting a good latch with the midwife or one of our certified lactation or breastfeeding counselors.


Postpartum Care

Postpartum support begins before your baby is born, and includes going over your plans for postpartum support and providing detailed instructions for the first 24 hours and beyond. We will check that your body is recovering well from the birth and do all we can to help you navigate your postpartum recovery. 


Lactation Care

Breastfeeding support​ to help you get a deeper, more effective latch. Assistance with establishing a good milk supply and making sure your baby is gaining adequate weight. We also offer a lactation education session and can assist with other difficulties that may arise during your breastfeeding journey.


Newborn Care

Newborn screenings can be an invaluable part of your newborn care, which is why we also offer FREE community hearing screens for babies born out of hospital with other Midwives or practices in our community.

"Everything from the prenatal care, our successful home birth, and post-natal care was wonderful. Margie's experience and knowledge base gave me so much confidence all along the way. She really loves what she does and really cares for her clients. Thank you Womancare!"

Kelly P.

Image by Ana Tablas

Ready, mama?

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